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Product Specification for Stock Market Guides Services

Stock Market Guides is a comprehensive service designed to empower investors by identifying stock and option investing opportunities with a historical track record of profitability. This service is tailored for individuals who seek amplified returns, require professional research assistance, have limited time, and prefer fact-based investment strategies over market hype.

Key Features of stock market guides:

  1. Real-Time Trade Alerts: Subscribers receive immediate notifications when trading opportunities arise, ensuring they never miss out on potential investments.
  2. Historical Win Rates: Each alert includes the historical win rate of the trading opportunity, providing a transparent track record of success.
  3. Extensive Research: Over seven years of meticulous market research and analysis of tens of millions of backtested trades form the foundation of the service.
  4. Strategy Analysis: A diverse array of investing strategies is analyzed, including stock indicators and chart patterns, to offer a variety of trade options.
  5. Customer Dashboard: A user-friendly dashboard displays all alerts, historical trade details, and investing strategy information for easy access and decision-making.
  6. Market Hours Text Alerts: For added convenience, alerts can also be sent via text during market hours.
  7. Flexible Trade Durations: Catering to different investment styles, trade alerts cover durations from 3 days to 1 year, suitable for both swing traders and long-term investors.
  8. Educational Resources: Free guides and videos provide valuable insights into stock and options trading, perfect for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Services Offered:

  • Stock Picks: Utilizing backtested results, subscribers receive stock picks with an average annualized return outperforming the S&P 500.
  • Option Picks: Option picks come with detailed backtested results, showcasing an impressive average annualized return, catering to those seeking higher risk-reward investments.
  • Email Newsletter: Analysis from trading experts is delivered directly to subscribers, offering deeper insights into the market and trade opportunities.
  • Proprietary Scanner Software: This unique software enables custom scans for trade opportunities, powered by historical statistics to help buy low and sell high.

Customer Service:

Stock Market Guides prides itself on exceptional customer service, with testimonials reflecting satisfaction with the simplicity and educational value provided. FAQs and direct support ensure that all subscriber queries are addressed promptly.

Stock Market Guides stands out as a data-driven, transparent, and user-friendly service that simplifies the complex world of stock and option trading. With its robust research, real-time alerts, and educational support, it is an invaluable tool for investors looking to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential. Sign up today to begin your journey towards smarter, more profitable investing.

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