Vantage Affiliate and IB programs

CPA Affiliate program

Ideal for but not limited to:

  • Lead Generators
  • Business and Social Media Influencers
  • Website Owners – Finance and Trading Comparison Websites
  • SEO Professionals
  • Trading Educators

But in summary, anyone that can produce traffic relevant to Forex / Trading / Cryptos etc

What are the CPAs paid for successfully registering clients?

The CPA is different depending on the country of residence. Vantage can also create a customised payment program upon request and approval from the affiliate team.

Country CPA
Tier 1
Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Tier 2
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, HongKong, Hungary,
Malaysia, Mexico, Peru
Tier 3
Costa Rica, Czech, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Slovak Republic, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay
Other Countries $100

What are the conditions for a successful CPA payment?

1. Minimum Deposit $500 and
2. 2 lots traded. Lots must be on any of the following: Forex, Oil, Gold, BTCUSD & ETHUSD


$3,000 When you refer more than 30 qualified accounts

$10,000 When you refer more than 50 qualified accounts

Vantage IB partnership program

Ideal for but not limited to:

  • Educators
  • Signal Service Providers
  • FinTech Firms
  • Rebate Providers
  • EA Providers
  • Referrers

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