Open Position: UK Prime minister

The role: UK prime minister.
Requirements: Willigness to take over a fragile economy with a weak GBP.
Benefits: £75k per year while in office and £115k per year if you manage to be in office for at least 44 days.

Lizz Truss resigned from her position as prime minister of the United Kingdom. During her 44 days in the position, Truss’s government introduced a series of changes in the UK’s economy, including a tax-reduction budget. Those decisions led to a huge concern in the financial markets resulting a deep dive. CNBC

The markets are now in uncertainty as UK is looking for a new prime minister. New names pop up every day including the previous prime minister Boris Johnson, and the he British pound doesn’t seem to recover or fluctuate much. It is now in one of the lowest positions ever.

Is it a good time to trade the GBP? Who is it to tell. It might be an opportunity for some.