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Will forex trading ever going to be banned

Firstly lets say for the record that forex trading (foreign exchange trading) is a legitimate and regulated activity in many countries. However, regulations and policies regarding forex trading can vary from one country to another. Some governments may impose restrictions or specific requirements on forex brokers or traders to protect consumers and ensure market stability.

That is why it is essential to stay informed about the latest financial news and updates from reputable sources to know if there have been any recent developments regarding forex trading regulations in your country or region.

Keep in mind that financial regulations can change, and it’s best to consult with a qualified financial advisor or legal expert to understand the current status of forex trading regulations in your area.

As a market viewer, I would say that it is unlikely that forex trading will be completely banned on a global scale. Forex trading is a significant part of the global financial markets and plays a crucial role in facilitating international trade and investment.

While some countries or regions may implement stricter regulations on forex trading to protect their citizens from potential risks or fraudulent activities, an outright ban seems improbable. Governments are more likely to focus on enhancing regulatory oversight, promoting transparency, and educating investors to ensure the forex market operates efficiently and fairly.