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Will forex trading last forever?

Well, is humanity going to last forever? Is anything going to last forever?
I guess the real question here is

Can I invest in forex and rely on forex trading for many years to come?

To answer that question , we need to go a little bit back, when people had more sense of value (I think).

Basically, forex (foreign exchange) is a currency exchange that has existed in the world since the existence of man. Without going to a long history facts, lets fast forward to what might have been the beginning of the modern forex market.

The gold standard: Countries in the late 1870s and after until 1920s+ were using the gold standard. Meaning they were defining the value of their currency based on the gold reserves they had. Depending on the amount of gold they had and the amount of paper money needed to be printed, the value of the currency was calculated.

That way you could also exchange currency from one country to another based on the same standard. This is forex.  

In our days no countries are using this standard anymore, but there are other ways to calculate the value of a currency that we will not cover on this article.

Forex existed in the history for many many years, in different ways and formats but always with the same logic, exchange something for something else.

Modern day forex.

In our days, with all he forex brokers laying around, it is super easy to trade forex, buy/sell currency. Most forex brokers though are not using direct foreign exchange, they rather offer CFDs on forex.

Also they usually offer a lot of instruments to trade, not only forex.

But are they going to last forever? Who knows, in my opinion, yes. Maybe in different forms.

There are forex brokers like ETX Capital dating back to 1965.
Today, forex market is the largest market in the world with trillions of dollars traded daily.

Foreign exchange has been around for hundreds of years and I think it will remain for hundreds more.

Even though in Europe and the UK the rules are getting stricter and stricter, for the trader’s safety, large brokers will always survive.

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